27 April 2010

a Sunday picnic

  This past Sunday was Daddy Buck’s company’s family picnic…….

The weather was spectacular


outdoors….picturesque setting…..spectacular weather…..

and cooperative children posing for pictures…..

who could ask for more?!


The commercial grade, been around for 50+ years playground equipment was an immediate hit!


As was the Koi pond, where Frank-o fed the fish…. his popcorn.


An even bigger hit were the paddle boats on the lake!

(which look so relaxing and enjoyable from the dock and are not quite so enjoyable or relaxing half-way across the lake)


We cheered Daddy Buck on as he played volleyball

IMG_6550 IMG_6552

He’s only kidding around here……  he’s not really a hyperventilating, jello-legged, gonna be sore tomorrow, 30+ year old, exhausted, borderline resuscitation-necessitating being!


Please do not ask me why Frank-o’s chosen facepaint placement is dead center of his forehead.  This I. Do. Not. Know.  What I do know is….. it’s SO him!  As is the look on his face in this picture. 


Love these guys!!

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{Kimber} said...

that last pic made me LOL!!!

where was the picnic...it WAS a beautiful location :)