16 December 2010

Daddy Buck’s buck

Daddy Buck returned on Monday from a deer hunt in Texas where he bagged a 10-point buck {and FOUR more deer}!


Filling the freezer!!


In other news….

‘Tis the season for parties/gatherings/programs and our family in certainly partaking in our share…..particularly today. 

2 classroom Christmas parties, 1 Christmas preschool program/play this evening, followed by an adult company Christmas party later tonight.

And… tomorrow {my birthday}, Daddy Buck and I leave for New Orleans for the weekend, sans kids, to attend a wedding. 


As I’m typing, it’s December 16, 8:22am, and 62degrees outside!! 

Christmastime in Louisiana!!


My2Gs said...

My hubs would be soooo jealous if he were to see this picture!

Jenni said...

happy early birthday!!! xo