09 August 2011

1st Day of 1st Grade


As a family, we began Buck-a-roo’s 1st morning of 1st grade at their before&after care where we had breakfast and where Buck-a-roo would catch the schoolbus.  He was all smiles to begin his day!


Smiles remained as they called for the students to line up to catch the schoolbus. 


As I snapped one last picture and Buck-a-roo hopped on the bus; much like last year, Daddy Buck, Frank-o, and myself jumped in our vehicles and boogied to Buck-a-roo’s school to be there when he arrived off the schoolbus. 


He arrived still smiling and we saw him to his desk in his classroom.  Hugs, kisses, and we were out the door and anxiously awaiting 3:00 to hear all about his 1st day of 1st grade


Which, by the way, was a smashing success in his book and he wishes to remain in 1st grade forever because it’s “awesome”!  DB and I are just hoping the enthusiasm lasts for several weeks! 

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