09 August 2011

working on a record



Last weekend, the boys and I headed East


to the BEACH!  Still working on our record summer of beach trips, this was #4 and #5 comes in two weeks!


We’re turning into quite the crew of “beach bums”!

We embrace the sand…..every last grain of it; the grains between your toes, the grains stuck in your swimsuit, the grains left behind in the seats of the car


Those we miss Daddy Buck tremendously, I have enjoyed my {alone} time with my boys on these past two adventures.


I’m hesitant to even put into type, but it almost seems as if we’re turning a huge corner these days in behavior, character, manners, obedience with these two little guys.  From beach play to pool play, car travel to dining out, playing with each to playing friends and everything in between…..when I tell you they were well behaved, I mean really well behaved!


And they love each other!  And it shows!  And it makes me proud. 

Just yesterday, Buck-a-roo’s homework was a biography assignment, if you will, on him.  One question:  My best friend is ……………….  my brother!


I packed ‘light’ {wink}…..all iPhone pics


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