24 November 2011


In all of the craziness that surrounded Daddy Buck’s birthday surprise, I failed to post about our other Veteran’s Day festivities.  I didn’t want it to go without mention and since there’s no better day to speak of veterans than Thanksgiving Day……

Veteran’s Day is a big deal for our family

Daddy Buck was asked to be the keynote speaker this year at the boys’ Veteran’s Day school program.  It was an honor and he delivered a heartfelt recollection of his time in the military and a reminder of why we should give thanks to our veterans everyday. 


There wasn’t a dry eye in the room following his time at the podium (nevermind that I didn’t even make it through the sweet 5th grader’s reading of his bio and introduction) and these two little guys were most proud of there dad. 


So…..today….Thanksgiving…..we’re thankful for each other, the brave men and women fighting overseas on this very day for our freedom, and life’s many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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