14 August 2008


I volunteered to bring a vegetable tray to the hospital tomorrow for a wedding shower for a coworker. Why buy a pre-made vegetable tray when you can make such a masterpiece of fresh, crisp, colorful veggies at home!! Then, I decided to practice some still-life photography of my masterpiece concentrating on details of white balance. White/Color Balance is a key detail to photography that I learned in a small photography lesson that I read about on another blog that I follow, My Charming Kids (she's a photographer).
All this talk of vegetables led me to another thought...the hilarious comments that come from the mouths of my 2 and 3 year old boys. Here are just a few of them for you to enjoy:

Harley: "I smell something, yuck...it's celry or vegdables!" (can you guess, he doesn't eat vegetables)

Cody: "Not that TV!" (this means he wants you to change the channel to something that he wants to watch)

Harley: "Cody, at school you have to be rwilly, rwilly, good." (He loves to boss Cody and tell him to be good at school)

Cody: "Hauwley" (Harley)

Cody: "Did it...Did it!!" (self-explanantory popular one)

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