26 October 2008

a lazy, restful, uneventful weekend...I THINK NOT!!

**UPDATE: The mystery pumpkin is a vampire sucking on a woman's neck. Kudos to Kristan at Cover Family Chaos for the correct guess.

Alternately titled: Let's see how many planned events we can cram into a weekend!!

Friday night, Daddy Buck and I went to a Halloween costume party hosted by our friends at Monistere Maddness. Buck-a-roo and Frank-o had a babysitter and they were thrilled about that {sniff, sniff}.

We went the homemade costume route. What can you make from these items (four brown bath towels, heavy duty aluminum foil, safety pins):

{drumroll please}

Here's the final product. Not exactly figure-flattering!!

Saturday morning, the boys had a birthday party for their close friend from across the street. The party was a pirate-themed party at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. It was a terrific birthday party!!

Check out his birthday cake -- YUMMO!!

My MIL picked the boys up from the birthday party so I could meet my girlfriends for the LSU football game. The only good thing I can say about the game is that I was in good company. Let's not speak of how my team got stomped on by the Bulldogs from Georgia. It was a beautiful day for football in Tiger Stadium.

My friends from work and myself watching LSU try to pull it out in Death Valley.

College Football Did You Know: When the guy in the red cap is on the field during the game, the television broadcast of the game is taking a commercial break. Play resumes when the televised commercial is over and Mr. Red Cap returns to the sidelines. You learn something new everyday.

Saturday night, we went across the street to the neighbors house for grilled hamburgers, sausage, hot dogs and the annual pumpkin carving.

Buck-a-roo was really into pumpkin carving this year and immediately chose his pattern for his pumpkin for ME to carve. Not too difficult, not too simple either He fell in love with it because of the "hanging-upside-down spider". The very dangling, "hanging-upside-down" spider that Frank-o ripped off this afternoon.

After spending 1 hour carving Buck-a-roo's masterpiece, here's the less difficult, less intricate complexity super-creative masterpiece that I carved for Frank-o.

He's the only kid with a 360 degree pumpkin design!!

75 "Vaughn Family Chaos Bonus Points" for the first person to comment with the correct description of this pumpkin's carving:

Today (Sunday) we went to our neighborhood fall festival. Playground fun, games, chili-cheese nachos, and candy!!

We do not know this child...I just thought he was far too cute not to photograph.

Just before heading indoors this evening for baths and bedtime...this flew overhead.

The man flying this ultra-light airplane actually gave my kids a "Dukes of Hazard" toot of the horn as they waved to him!!

In store this week: Trick-or-Treat Trail at my hospital on Monday, Fall Festival at school on Wednesday, ENT appointment for Buck-a-roo on Friday, Trick-or-Treating on Friday night, LSU vs. Tulane on Saturday

We had another excellent, exhilarating, exhausting Fall weekend!!

G'nite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!


Kristan said...

I know, I know...it's 1:30 a.m. here...what's that 12:30 for you?? Looks like you guys sure had ya some fun!! I saw how LSU lost, did you see we lost a very imprtant game here too, darn near pulled it out though!! I think that pumpkin looks like a vampire or something like that!! I always love reading you blog!!

Trish said...

I can't tell from the picture, but I'm guessing you were the Hershey with nuts! Too funny. And I'm impressed you were able to coerce Jack into wearing one too.

Trish said...

Is it a Rat on that pumpkin?