11 October 2008

October...2nd weekend...Part I

As I have already mentioned, October has lots of fun things in store for our family. This weekend brought/brings parish fair, picnic in the park, LSU football game, birthday party for school friend.

As I type now, we have accomplished 1/2 of our weekend, so here goes...


Thanks Aunt Tracy for our cool, light-up Mickey Mouse Halloween, long sleeve t-shirts. We love them!! The minute Buck-a-roo and Frank-o saw them....they had to wear them to the fair.
Thank goodness it cooled off from 85 degrees to 75 degrees rather quickly (long sleeves)!!


We went to the Livingston Parish Fair last night with our neighbor and her three children (4 y/o boy and 1y/o twins) and Daddy Buck met us there after work. The three boys had a great time...that is...up until which point they decided to try out the "kiddie" roller coaster. Frank-o was too short {shocker!!} which led to a major meltdown and Buck-a-roo & Drew thought they were brave enough {NOT SO!!}. The little girl in the LSU cheerleader outfit is a child in Buck-a-roo's preschool class that we ran into at the fair. We had fun and the mosquitos seemed to not like the fair one bit :)

Hold on tight, remain seated, and keep your arms in the ride at all times



Fire Engine



Hot Rod Cars



"Kiddie" Roller Coaster

And of course, FAIR FOOD!!

You can view the entire album of pictures from the fair here...


{check out the sky in this picture}

Today (the weather is beautiful...a little warm...but beautiful), we went to the park for a picnic with our same friends that went to the fair with us last night. Well, don't go overboard and think that I packed a pic-a-nic basket of southern-fried chicken, potato salad, homemade pecan pie, and sweet tea--I don't think so!! A swift detour to the Jack-in-the-box drive-thru and we're off for our picnic lunch at the park. Guess what?!? Mosquitoes don't seem to like the mid-day park either :)

You can view the entire album of pictures from the park here...


Listen closely....do you hear that?
Buck-a-roo and Frank-o are napping and have been for 2 hours now!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Tonight is "date night" for Daddy Buck and I. We will go to SIL/BIL's club to watch the LSU Tigers feast on some Gator, Florida Gator, that is!!


October...2nd weekend...Part II will come tomorrow

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Moira Easley said...

Audrey had the best time once she saw "Carley Buck"! She tried the roller coaster and it didn't go so well - they stopped it so she could get off!