19 January 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

**BTW: what in "samtarnation" is up with the spacing on this post...I corrected it 15+ times and still is NOT right!!

My "Not Me!" Monday list for this week is extra lengthy for some reason, I'm not really sure why that is and if that's a good thing or a not-so-good thing, so without further ado:

:: I DO NOT secretly wish that every Saturday night and Sunday morning could be a "Hometown Honeymoon" for Daddy Buck and I. That would be selfish of me and I would miss my children tremendously if it were every weekend. The effects of the time alone would probably lose its appeal too.

:: Daddy Buck DID NOT finally , after a week of being MIA, find our favorite Wii CD, Wii Sports, in the DVD player right where Frank-o had put it. That kid, that kid...

:: I DID NOT spend my Friday night fetching floating poop from the bathtub because my eldest, yes I said, eldest son, Buck-a-roo pooped in the tub during bathtime. I might expect that from Frank-o, but not my Buck-a-roo...what's going on?

:: I DID NOT have more blemishes to develop on my face in the past week than my entire teenage years combined.

:: While standing wrapped in his towel following bathtime several nights ago, Frank-o DID NOT grab himself, Michael Jackson-style and exclaim, "Mommy, I got balls!"! And, I DID NOT seriously just proclaim that to the world on this here blog. But seriously, how on earth would he, a two-year old, know of such a saying? {mortified}

:: Below IS NOT a picture of Frank-o's efforts at cleaning up the toys in his room before bathtime:

:: And, I DO NOT have a new big, fancy, schmancy camera and am still using my cell phone to capture pictures in my home where the above said camera is available for use.

:: I DID NOT laugh hysterically when I saw this truck

driving down the street in front of me the other day. And, I DID NOT find the "CARS" reference to be so darn cute that I whipped out the cell phone to snap a picture of it.

Top that for a week's worth of brutal honesty, if you dare...
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Courtney said...

Oh, that Mater truck is AWESOME!!!! So funny! And the balls comment...oh my. It's amazing how boys will be boys, isn't it? :) It's just innate. Just today, Ellis grabbed his and said "Wee Wee!" :)