10 January 2009

random photo challenge

Brittany at 4 Little Men and Girly Twins is having a random photo challenge on her blog.

Her instructions were to go to your May folder of pictures, pick the 21st picture, and post it to your blog with a little description of the picture itself.

So here's my 21st picture from May 2008:

I remember the day well. It was the day that we got Frank-o his new "big boy" bed and he and all of his many, many stuffed animals were napping in it for the first time when I snapped this picture.

That was fun...give it a try and post your a link to your 'random photo challenge' post at her blog using the Mr. Linky that she has set up.


4 Little Men and Twins said...

sleeping babes are so precious!!

thanks for playing along!


Shasta said...

Such a sweet picture! My middle son sleeps with a million stuffed animals too!

Heather said...

Nothing better than big boy beds! so adorable!