17 February 2009

Sinkhole Saga

As a rule of thumb around our house, we watch very little televison on a regular basis. However, over the past six days....the routine has definitely been {ahem} relaxed, shall we say?

We prefer to spend majority of our time playing PlayDoh, making art projects, playing outside, playing with Matchbox cars in our rooms, playing outside, playing games, reading books, listening to music, playing outside, playing computer games, playing outside....you get my drift!
The boys did have a shortlived burst of energy this morning where they broke out the guitars, drum, and radio....and {ahem} "busted a move", shall we say?

And since we (or at least ME) have had our fill of televison-watching...why not stare out the dining room window and watch the saga as it {ahem} unfolds, shall we say?

The sinkhole saga that is.... if you are a frequent follower of this blog, you will remember this post where I introduced you all to the sinkhole and this post where I jokingly addressed the fact that the sinkhole had been {ahem} repaired, shall we say?
Repaired....it was {ahem} NOT, shall we say?!!
For two outdoor-lovin, recovering boys that haven't been outside with their tractors and tools in the dirt themselves in 6+ days, this was the next best thing. Why not pull up a chair, prop up your feet, and watch the {ahem} show, shall we say?

We are off to take naps and dream about what we will {ahem} awake to, shall we say?


Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh, so cute. Glad to see they're on the mend and up to playing.

And let me tell ya'...we are chompin' at the bit for spring to come and warm up our little part of the world so we can go outdoors and play. Talk about cabin fever...6 days is nothin', sister! :)



how is the troops today? hope they are doing well.

Pam said...

They MUST be feeling better if they're interested in the outside world. Yippee for the boys!

The question is...How long will it take YOU to recover from all of this trauma?

So glad to see those smiles,