02 May 2010




It’s that time of year again for us!

By us, I mean them.  And I don’t use the term, them, lightly; because if you’ll recall when Buck-a-roo played tball last year, that a certain someone was not originally playing tball as he was technically too young.  By the end of the season that certain someone was unofficially a member of the team.

So, this year……


we still have a #6 and we also have a #4!


That equals 2 full-fledged tballers!!


Sheri said...

Aww, I remember the t-ball days, sooo cute. They are so serious and dedicated at that age. It's much more fun to watch a t-ball game than the games my 12 year old is in now - you just never know what's going to happen in t-ball :)

My2Gs said...

Great pictures Lori! Those sure are some cute t-ballers you have. I'm surprised that they wear pants down in that heat. My little t-baller wears shorts.