10 November 2010

two takes

After much deliberation, I decided that Daddy Buck and I should be included in this year’s Christmas card.  Two years ago, we were (in a somewhat similar manner in which we will be this year as well {he!he!}).  Last year, we were not…..it was just the boys!

I go back and forth on my feelings here…..most times, I do believe recipients of the said Christmas card would enjoy seeing a family picture of the four of us, seeing as many of the people receiving the card may or may not have seen us all throughout the year.  With that being said, sometimes that doesn’t happen…..why? 

A. Because I do not like myself in pictures……there I said it!! 

B.  Because I love my boys in pictures!



I opted to try for a family Christmas card this year and Daddy Buck and I WILL be present in some way, shape, or form {grin!}.

Therefore, I’m sharing more pictures from my intended-for-Christmas-cards photo shoot (at which Daddy Buck was not present) that, sadly, will not be used……



I put probably way too much effort into Christmas cards and I have a few guidelines in the choosing:

*the design must be in traditional red and green colors

*the wording must read, ‘Merry Christmas’

*there shall be no wintery symbols, i.e. snow, snowflakes, etc…..

I could go on, but I will stop because it seems I have a problem!  It’s just a Christmas card for heaven sakes……..

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Trish said...

picky, picky, picky...I wish you were closer. I could use new portraits of the kids!