09 November 2010

Ninja Brothers

As promised {only 8 or so day after the fact (it’s the best I can seem to do these days)}, here they are……



doing what Ninjas do?!?!


*neither of their face drapes (if that’s what you call Ninja gear) would stay put as they should across the bridge of their noses, so I offered to paint their faces

 {hooray for me!! READ: paint removal nightmare}

** Frank-o refused to wear his headress/hoodie (once again not certain what Ninjas refer to their gear as) declaring, “I can still be a Ninja wiffout that thing!”  Why YES, you can!! 

*** And off we went…..umbrellas in tow…..trick-or-treating in the pouring down rain…..on November 1, All Saint’s Day!

{lots of sarcasm in this here post}


Daddy Buck:  “Smile for the camera boys!”

Buck-a-roo:  “Ninjas don’t smile Dad!”

Frank-o:  “Yea, ninjas don’t smile!”

{that’s not what it looks like in the two pictures above}

Me:  ::snap::


My2Gs said...

Too Cute! Love the "Ninja's don't smile Dad!" comment :o)

Erin said...

Ha ha! Love your non-smiling ninjas! So so cute..er...I mean intimidating!